Broken Speech Poetry Slam Team Orlando 2010

by Darlyn Finch Kuhn on May 11, 2010

Recently at The Cameo Theatre they had the wildest Grand Slam in the history of the Broken Speech Grand Slam.  There were three lead changes.  The curse of the Season Champion struck again and for the third time, they crowned a previous champion.  And here they are, your Team Orlando 2010:
5th Place – Kendra Corrie
4th Place – Haelo
3rd Place – Sam Lamura
2nd Place – Shannon Kortbek
2010 Broken Speech Grand Slam Champion – Ronin
Congratulations Team Orlando 2010 and a big thank you to Megalomusic, The Cameo, and their amazing house band Tam Tam the Sandwichman & The Magical Sugar Cookies.

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