Calls for Scripts: The John Goring One-Act Festival and Fringe 2011

by Darlyn Finch Kuhn on June 29, 2010

Playwrights, start your pens (or word processors)! No, that’s NOT a typo: we are currently seeking one-act plays for not one but TWO upcoming events!

Due to changes in how the Fringe will accept applicants to the festival, our call for Fringe scripts has been pushed up to coincide with our call for one-act plays for our newest addition to our season, the John Goring Memorial One-Act Festival. The dates for the script call for both events is July 1st to August 15th.

Please read the following guidelines carefully; failure to follow them could result in disqualification.

Submit plays to  or . (If you have trouble sending submissions to either address, please contact PRT at )

Your submission’s title page should include your name, address, and e-mail information. Please note that this information will only be available to the person attending to the submission e-mail address and will not be shared with the Reading Committee. All plays will be sent to this committee “blind.”

VERY IMPORTANT: Please indicate whether your script is intended a) only for the Goring script call, b) only for The Fringe call, or c) both. See below for length guidelines which will help partially determine this.

Plays must be submitted in a neat and easily readable format which clearly defines the characters, dialogue, action and setting, and includes page numbers.

Preferred document format for plays is Microsoft Word or Works. We reserve the right to ask playwrights to resubmit their plays in a different file format if we can’t open the docs.

Plays must feature no more than 6 characters.

Plays submitted to the Goring One-Act competition should be a minimum of 20 minutes and a maximum of 60 minutes in length.

Plays submitted to the Fringe competition should be a minimum of 45 minutes and a max of 60 minutes in length.

Due to the plays being presented in a small black box environment, please keep your plays extraordinarily minimal. Don’t rely on set pieces, props, an abundance of lighting or sound effects to tell your story; focus on the actions and words of your characters.

There is no subject matter restriction; however, as the producing organization PRT reserves the right to request edits for time constraints and other considerations.

Please keep in mind that ANYONE is permitted to submit a play to this competition at no charge; however, if a play is chosen for production, the playwright MUST already be, or become a member of, the organization. This is to prevent dues-paid members from having to subsidize non-members’ work. The $30 annual membership fee goes directly towards things like show costs, insurance, and rental fees, and helps support the various activities PRT pursues to further the aims of its members.

Again, the submission period for both these competitions is July 1st through midnight August 15th. No submissions will be accepted after that time. Winning playwrights will be notified by September 1st.

The John Goring Memorial One-Act Festival will be presented at the John and Rita Lowndes Shakespeare Center in Studio B between the dates of November 1st-November 14th, 2010 (specific dates pending). The 2011 Orlando Fringe Festival will take place in May 2011 at sites around Loch Haven Park in Orlando.

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