Terry Odell on Smashwords

by Darlyn Finch Kuhn on July 3, 2010

Terry Odell has uploaded a couple of short stories to a digital site called

Smashwords.  They’re available in just about any format, and can be read

on your computer or phone if you don’t have one of the snazzy e-book

reading devices.

The first is “Words” which is absolutely free. It was the first short

story she ever sold, and it’s been out of “print” for a while, so she’s

pleased to be able to offer it.

The second is “Coping Mechanisms” which features characters from two of

her novels, Finding Sarah & Hidden Fire. You can read a sample for free.

If you like it, the whole thing is a whopping 99 cents.

You can find both of them here:


(Scroll down the page for the links)




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