Tom Wallace is blogging!

by Darlyn Finch Kuhn on September 26, 2010

Tom Wallace is publishing a new blog with writing partner Moisés Alburquerque. You can find it at   The blog promotes the memoir Tom is currently writing with Moisés (or Moses, as he likes his American friends to call him) who came to Florida from Cuba in the Mariel boatlift. Though he’d always been a good kid, he soon found himself homeless on the streets of Little Havana, Miami, surrounded by the murderers, rapists, and other violent criminals Castro had dumped onto America’s streets via the boatlift. He was rescued from that hell by an old friend who offered him a job in the cocaine trade, which culminated in a prison sentence, an ingenious and harrowing escape from Glades Correctional, and a flight through the swamps back to Miami.   The book, Miami Freeze, is about the American dream, and an American nightmare. And, yes, it’s about all the things people have heard about and read about and seen on TV and in the movies: shoot outs in the streets of Miami, drug rip offs, dirty cops, fast boats, fearless Marielitos, and an almost deadly addiction to adrenaline.

Tom and Moisés hope you’ll enjoy the ride.

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