So You Want to Write a Book, Part I

by Darlyn Finch Kuhn on March 19, 2014

Dale Slongwhite writes:

April 6, 2014

Altamonte Springs, FL

Our workshop on February 18 was a huge success so we’ve planned an identical
one for Sunday, April 6, from 10 – 4. At the beginning of the day, the five
attendees spoke about their hopes and dreams to write a book. We talked about
what that would look like, how to go about it, about the publishing process. By
the end of the day, they were authors eager to get started or continue with
their projects.

Here’s what participants e-mailed the next day: “Today has been wonderful
because of you! I was able to make an outline of things I need to write in my
book.” “The workshop boosted my ever-present desire to write and
finish something more than you know. I floated home. Traffic? There was no
traffic. There was only my favorite music on the radio and one refrain running
through my head: I am a writer, I am a writer, I am a writer. Yee Haa!”

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Dale Slongwhite



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