Creative Momentum Gathering with Morris and Laws

by Darlyn Finch Kuhn on September 15, 2014

at LifeArt Studio, Winter Park, Florida


On Thursday, October 23rd, Jamie Morris will present an in-person workshop, titled, “Using the Tarot to Explore Your Creative Heart” for LifeArt Studio of Winter Park, Florida.

Learn how Tarot cards–so mysterious, so symbolic, so steeped in fortune-telling lore–can help unfold a creative life. The 78, vivid, evocative images of a Tarot deck can tease the edge of imagination, help unlock inner wisdom, and even suggest a direction for creativity to flow.

In this two-hour presentation, Jamie Morris will

  • share her own journey with tarot
  • describe how tarot and oracle cards anchor her daily practice of self-reflection
  • demonstrate using the cards to jump-start creative solutions

While some believe the cards’ “answers” come from an external, spiritual or psychic source, in Jamie’s 35-year relationship with tarot, she’s found that, more than anything, the cards provide triggers for her own inner knowing to arise.

There is no charge to attend a Creative Momentum Gathering, but seating is limited. To reserve your space, email Lezlie Laws at She’ll respond to confirm your reservation, and share the details on where we’ll be gathering.

Join us for this presentation and discover the wisdom the cards can evoke from you!

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