Page 15’s 3rd Annual High School Writing Anti-Heroes Contest

by Darlyn Finch Kuhn on September 30, 2014

Tell us a story.

If your story is chosen, you’ll get to see your name in print in our fully illustrated, totally awesome, annual anthology of Orlando high school writing. You’ll get real-world publication experience, work with editors, and have original artwork created to match your story. You’ll receive a copy of the book, a t-shirt, and of course, a party.


The main character of your story should be an anti-hero. Think: Walter White, Dexter, Maleficent, Holden Caulfield. Antiheroes don’t fit the traditional role of “good guy.” In fact, they may have more bad qualities than good. Your job is to make the reader care about them. Give them a goal and put something in the way of that goal to drive the conflict of yours tory. Make sure you’ve got a complex character, compelling conflict, and a solid beginning, middle, and end. Then send it our way!

Send your name, grade, school, parent or guardian name, phone number, and your story to

Dead line is October 17! See the full guidelines list here.

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