Look who has a fan.

by Darlyn Finch Kuhn on October 16, 2014

Check out this blog post by Teresa Edmond-Sargeant, a writer and new fan of Pat Spears.

Teresa Edmond-Sargeant


Pat Spears October 20, 2014 at 4:40 pm

Hi Teresa,

Darlyn Kuhn sent me a link to your blog, and it was such a pleasant surprise. I was so pleased that you came to the reading and commented to Darlyn afterwards that I was disappointed that I let you get away before I could request information for our staying in touch.
I appreciated your thoughtful comments regarding writing flawed characters and commented to Darlyn that you had to be a writer. I’ll look for your published work.

Good luck to you in your future writing goals, and let me know when you are published next so I can read your new work. Stay in touch.

Take care,


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