Thank you, Jim Robison

by Darlyn Finch Kuhn on January 21, 2015

Jim Robison


I met Jim Robison in connection with our cycling team, Primal Scream, instead of due to our mutual interest in books.  His first impression of me was likely not stellar, as my then-fiancée Brad shook Jim’s hand and asked him such a shocking biking-related question that I literally spewed my drink all over the three of us and had to run for the ladies’ room to mop up and recover my composure.  Don’t worry boys; your secret is safe with me.

Since he left the Orlando Sentinel, Jim Robison has stayed busy writing and lecturing about Florida history. He has  published at least 1,600 magazine and newspaper articles on the subject, as well as 11 books. “Seminole’s Centennial” came out in 2013 to mark the 100 years since Seminole County was carved out of Orange County. Robison says he’s put aside research for a series of books on characters significant to the region’s history while he struggles with six Florida-based historic novels and a fictionalized biography of black Confederate Louis Nelson, a real life slave-turned-soldier. Yes, I said six novels.  At once.

Sleep much, Jim?

Here’s what Robison has to say about Sewing Holes:

“Darlyn Finch Kuhn’s Tupelo Honey Lee tells readers she is not sweet enough for her name. Perhaps, but Sewing Holes, told through the youthful voice of a tart-mouthed narrator too head-strong to hold back her thoughts from reaching her mouth, is a delicious treat. Readers will be pleased Honey ‘lacked the common sense to keep my big mouth shut’ and, instead, lets her bitter-sweet childhood memories sew all those holes together.

~Jim Robison

An unintentionally non-profit author of 11 Florida history books, including Flashbacks: the Story of Central Florida’s Past.

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