Heartfelt Thanks to a Wonder Couple

by Darlyn Finch Kuhn on February 27, 2015

Janet and Geoff Benge

How do you describe all that Geoff and Janet Benge are and do and contribute to the literary life in Orlando?  To paraphrase a line from Jaws: “We’re gonna need a bigger blog!”

Founders of the Silver Fern Writers, and its workshop leaders.  Enthusiastic supporters (and Board members) of the Jack Kerouac House Project of Orlando. Ghostwriters, editors, mentors.  Authors of the Heroes of History series of biographies for children, including Louis Zamperini: Redemption, and doting grandparents of a darling little Louis of their own.

Husband, wife, and ardent lovers of one another.  So inspirational to those of us who live, play, and work with our spouses. They show us how it’s done!

Here’s what this busy writer couple have to say about Sewing Holes:

“In her debut novel, Darlyn Finch Kuhn spins a tale of loss and gain, confusion and clarity, trauma and relief, all in the context of the languid South of the 70s and 80s. It is a place and a time about which Finch Kuhn writes with perfect pitch. Honey, the main character, describes herself as “not sweet enough for my name,” an apt description of a young girl grappling with complex family relationships, death, and desertion. With guts and intelligence Honey navigates this difficult terrain to emerge a wiser young woman. Darlyn Finch Kuhn’s focus is unflinching yet circumspect, like so many aspects of Southern culture. Sewing Holes weaves in and out of family secrets with surprising twists of insight that make the book well worth the read.”

~  Janet and Geoff Benge

Authors of Louis Zamperini: Redemption and the Heroes of History series


Little Louis

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