Tapping The Inner Critic Out of Your Head: Using EFT to Energize Creativity

by Darlyn Finch Kuhn on March 18, 2015




Saturday, March 28, LifeArt Studio offers a powerful creativity “nudge” for you.   Heidi Behr, LCSW, of Feel Peace Now, will join Lezlie Laws to present a technique that many have found useful for disarming the beliefs and counter-intentions that hold creative potential hostage. We hold unexamined assumptions about what is possible for us. We act as if change is difficult, even impossible. And when these destructive habits of mind become entrenched, we don’t have access to the innate abilities we have to express ourselves in happy, lively, creatively satisfying ways.

EFT, or emotional freedom technique, is a simple process of gently tapping meridian points on the head, shoulders, and hands to release emotional “locks.” When you first see it being done you can’t help laughing, or thinking it’s silly. You might wonder how can something so seemingly simple release negative beliefs? But Heidi Behr is the expert who will explain exactly how it works, and you’ll try it out for yourself to see how it feels within your own body and mind.

We’ll begin this workshop by first coaxing those pesky inner critics into the open. You have to know what negative beliefs you’re walking around with before you can start releasing them! And then, Heidi will show you how to skillfully begin to usher those critics right out of your head so that you really do have the hope, the energy, and the will to begin to live more creatively and happily.

I know, I know. It sounds too easy, doesn’t it? But maybe that very skepticism is one of those entrenched negative beliefs that keeps us from exploring happier, more productive, or more creative aspects of ourselves. After all, if we believe making such a shift is mysterious, impossible, overwhelming, or just too hard to do, it’s just easier not to try making a shift at all. Right?

Let’s banish that belief. Come and spend a few hours with us, learn a new creativity hack, and accept a loving nudge from us to drop an old thought pattern and take up one that makes your life happier, more creative, more intentional. It’s possible.

And here’s the deal hinted at in the title of this post: For the next 48 hours we are running a “tapping” special on this workshop. If you sign up with 48 hours of receiving this email, you can bring a friend for free.  How cool is that?  All you need to do is email me to place a reservation for this person. This will reduce the cost of the workshop by 50%! It’s a March Madness deal!

Thanks for stopping by LifeArt Studio today. I hope you will join me and Heidi Behr on Saturday, March 28, for “Tapping the Inner Critic Out of Your Head.” You can find registration information here.

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