by Darlyn Finch Kuhn on April 16, 2015

The Rest of the Way book cover

The Rest of the Way, by Enid Jackowitz, is now in its second edition with a new subtitle: Healing Barriers Between Gays, Lesbians, and Their Parents. Included in the new edition are Questions for Reflection at the end of each chapter, one set for parents and one set for gay children, to help encourage understanding and initiate a dialog. The book is available in both Kindle and paperback.

Jackowitz has also written her first children’s book, Maya and the Magic Swing. It tells the story of a young girl who goes on a metaphorical journey and along the was discovers that no one is perfect—we all make mistakes and sometimes mistakes can be a way to learn something new—an important message for children in today’s world. The book is the first in a series relating to issues facing children and has sixteen 5 star reviews on Amazon.

Enid Jackowitz has been a psychotherapist for over 18 years and a writer for most of her life.  A seeker, Enid’s journey has guided her to significant personal and spiritual growth.  As a therapist her current areas of specialty are: women’s issues, self-esteem, relationships, and helping gays, lesbians, and their parents resolve their issues

Hayley Schaeffer is the illustrator for Maya and the Magic Swing. She is a remarkably gifted fifteenyearold award-winning artist, who recently won first place in the Florida statewide competition, Relections, “The Magic of Moment.”  

Maya and the Magic Swing Book Cover


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