Rukeyser and Spears at Writers Block!

by Darlyn Finch Kuhn on October 15, 2015

Susan Rukeyserps


Join authors Pat Spears and Susan Rukeyser for wine, book signing, and conversation on Friday, October 23 from 6:00pm – 8:00pm at Writers Block Bookstore, 124 E. Welbourne Ave., Winter Park, FL 32789

Pat and Susan have novels out now from Florida publisher Twisted Road Publications.

About DREAM CHASER by Pat Spears:
Jesse McKnight wakes one morning to find that his wife has left him, searching for “something better.” Her departure thrusts him into the role of single parent to their three children, who are skeptical of his clumsy attempts to bridge years of emotional absence. His artistic son, Cole, is ashamed of his father’s inability to affect a more promising future. Sky, the youngest, can only be consoled by her older sister, ten-year-old Katie, a tough realist who desperately wants to give her father a second chance. It’s Katie’s dream of owning a horse that leads Jesse to purchase, sight unseen from a brutal owner, a mustang mare. On the day the mustang is delivered, the terrified animal crashes through a hastily constructed corral and escapes into the nearby national forest, and Jesse vows to a broken-hearted Katie that he will find and return the mare.

About NOT ON FIRE, ONLY DYING by Susan Rukeyser:
It is the fiery pinnacle of autumn in New York’s Hudson Valley when Lola, a troubled recluse, reports her newborn kidnapped from outside a seedy bar. But no one’s seen Lola with a baby, or even heard of him before now. Everyone assumes the boy is one of her delusions. Only Marko—a chivalrous, drug-dealing ex-con of Romani descent—is devoted to Lola. But even he questions her story, given her fragile sanity and reckless self-medication. With help from Mary, the owner of a local salvage business, Marko hunts for answers. From the Hudson Valley to New York City’s East Village, he follows a dark path to the truth, navigating doubt, vengeance, and love.


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