Let’s Do This!

by Darlyn Finch Kuhn on December 31, 2015

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I know; I know. Everybody hits you up during the holidays, when budgets are stretched thin and credit card bills are looming. But please dig deep into your goodwill-toward-men and send a few bucks to keep the amazing work that Burrow Press is doing in Central Florida alive.

These folks work tirelessly to ensure that Orlando’s cultural scene doesn’t start and end at the theme parks. I’ve already made (an admittedly small) donation, and today, to help them reach their goal of $5,000 (which will be TRIPLED by an anonymous donor if they make it by midnight tonight) I’m going to send another small slice of green their way.

Won’t you join me?  This feel-good will last all year long!

Donate here.

Here is Ryan Rivas’ eloquent call to action:

“At the start of our December fund drive, we set out to raise $5,000.

Then, in a Dickensian turn of events, an anonymous donor pledged

to triple-match that amount if we met our goal before the new year.


We are only $500 away from turning 5K into 15K.


Help us get there before the ball drops!


Give Now



Your contribution will help us fulfill our

2016 New Year’s resolutions, which include:

paying all our BP Review contributors and editors,

doubling our online publishing opportunities,

launching a beautiful new website,  bringing Philip F. Deaver’s long-awaited new book

into the light of day, continuing to bring world-class

authors to town for Functionally Literate,

throwing an even bigger Literary Death Match

fundraiser, teaming up with other small presses

for a big event at Miami Book Fair, and, as always,

making Orlando and Florida a literary hub.


$500. By midnight. With your help, we can do it!


Give Now



To all those who donated, volunteered, bought a book,

came to an event, or simply wished us well in 2015,

we thank you, and hope to run into you

(in real life or on the internetz) in the new year!”

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