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by Darlyn Finch Kuhn on April 19, 2016



Valerie Allen writes:

Hello, Scribblers ~

“My psychological thriller, The Prodigal Son, is now available as an audio book on iTunes and Audible via

If you enjoy listening to books, contact me at for a FREE coupon for The Prodigal Son. I’d like to hear from you.



The Prodigal Son

A teenager’s refusal to attend school leads to criminal charges against his parents and disastrous consequences for him. His parent’s recent divorce, his father’s hasty remarriage, his brother’s moving away for college, leave Andrew Tibbet in a desperate whirlwind of emotions. Using revenge as his weapon of choice, he sets out to destroy his family emotionally and financially. Psychologist, Allyson Freemont, comes to understand the boy’s anger and frustration when she learns the disturbing truth about what’s been happening behind closed doors.



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