Following Disasters, by Nancy McCabe

by Darlyn Finch Kuhn on September 22, 2016

Nancy McCabe has written an easy-to-read, complicated book. At first, I was irritated that her protagonist, Maggie-Kate Owen, receives a magnificent Victorian house when her estranged aunt conveniently dies on Maggie’s twenty-first birthday. Unattached, an orphan, with no particular interests to prohibit relocation, she tidily packs up and moves her life, like a blank slate, to its new location. There’s even an easy-on-the-eyes love interest next door. We should all have such troubles, yes?

But as the novel moved back and forward in time, including inserts from her Aunt Beth’s journals (“This Diary Belongs to Elizabeth Margaret Owens – Everyone Else Keep Out”) the multi-layered story began to capture my imagination. Family secrets, including illness, loss, and betrayal, are teased out with a delicate hand. Why is Maggie so apathetic? What is Erin up to? Who is Carol, really? Is the house haunted? Is Maggie possessed?

Rarely has a psychological thriller caused me to care so much about the characters. Rarely has a ghost story lingered as hauntingly.

(Available 11/1/16 from Outpost19 Books)


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