Auld Lang Syne at Orlando Film Festival

by Darlyn Finch Kuhn on October 22, 2016


Here’s another Scribbler pick from the Orlando Film Festival, currently happening at the Cobb Theater downtown.  Auld Lang Syne tells the story of three couples at their annual New Year’s Eve retreat in West Virginia.  The story starts with a visual tour of the to-die-for cabin where the gathering is held. By the end of the story, my one question for writer/actor Kimberly Dilts and director Johanna McKeon was: did the cabin survive the shoot? They assured me it did, and today my mind is lingering more on the three couples, and hoping for the best for all concerned.  Yes, by the end of two hours, I cared about them like old friends, and I believe you will, too.


Here is the synopsis from IMDB:

“On New Year’s Eve, married couple and theatre artists Steven and Vanessa host an annual get-together at their parents’ cabin for their oldest friends, struggling actress Sadie and her new surfer/rock star boyfriend Jude, Bryce, a repressed accountant, and Jodie, a world-weary photojournalist. When Jodie and Bryce drop a relationship bombshell over dinner, they set off a chain reaction of truth-telling that promises to destroy the carefully-crafted reality of everyone present. How long is too long to wait for your dream? Can art change the world? Are we all doomed? A film about old friends and artistic passion, Auld Lang Syne is a meditation on the creative class, global warming, and the power of damn fine pie.”

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