Tricia Booker at The Book Mark in Neptune Beach

by Darlyn Finch Kuhn on March 17, 2017

Tricia Booker

Tricia Booker launches “The Place of Peace and Crickets,” (Twisted Road Publications. $15.95) at the Book Mark, 220 1st Street, Neptune Beach, FL 32266, on Saturday, March 18, at 7 pm.  904-241-9026

When journalist Tricia Booker and her husband had trouble conceiving, they followed the well-worn footsteps of couples exploring in-vitro fertilization. Two years and  thousands of dollars later, they decided to have a long fulfilling life without children. Instead, they became immersed in the world of international adoption. Their first child, born in Vietnam, introduced them to a poor but loving orphanage where infants slept with their caretakers. Then came Guatemala, a beautiful, impoverished country where Booker’s two younger children lived in tiny cribs with little human interaction.  In candid, raw prose, Booker tells the story of her family, including her son’s diagnosis of Anxious-Attachment Disorder, the service dog she trained to help him, and her and her husband’s chaotic attempts to simplify their lives in order to heal their son.

The Place of Peace and Crickets

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